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In the CLOUD
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Dissemination of all types of content
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What is Jiwix?
Jiwix is the best media center in the cloud for backing up your photos, organizing your media, sharing your big files, listening to your music and watching your movies in Full HD 1080 streaming, up to 60 frames per second. Jiwix Media Center supports a wide range of multimedia formats, including documents and large files. For both individuals and professionals, Jiwix is very convenient for sharing and distributing content to its contacts. Jiwix is an all-in-one solution to store your media in the cloud and access it securely 24 hours a day. It's an interactive site, the features are numerous. These will not surprise you their simplicity and efficiency. "Jiwix Photos".

1- Store, save, organize your media,
2- Share all types of content privately,
3- Managing his photo albums with AUDIO Full HD slide show,
4- Streaming of his video movies in Full HD 1080,
5- Multi-resolution video player (240p, 360p, 720HD, 1080HD),
6- Store and listen to your audio files with High Quality Sound,
7- Store and share documents and large files,
8- Back up files remotely in case of loss,
9- Access to its files 24h / 24 (PC, Smartphone, Tablet),
10- Sign your photos,
11- Share discussion topics,
12- Share video on the internet,
13- Add private comments,
14- Create and organize your contact groups,
15- Give his news to his contacts,
16- Send mail messages,
17- Share content by mail,
18- Create events and invite contacts,
19- Download original files,
20- Allow or not download original files,
21- Quickly control shares,
22- SSL encrypted transfer,
23- 100% secure storage,
24- 100% private sharing,
25- Simple and powerful.

Quality website
On Jiwix, you can watch your video in Full HD 1080 streaming at up to 60 frames per second, stream your HQ streaming audio and share your photo albums with AUDIO Full HD slideshow, and even upload the high definition pictures to get the best picture quality possible.

Secure site
Jiwix was created to combat voyeurism and privacy issues that exist on the Internet. On Jiwix, the privacy and data protection of the member will remain our priority. The flows transferred between your computer and our servers are encrypted. Jiwix is a trusted site. All accounts are private, protected by a password. By default, your private content is not seen by anyone. In addition, Jiwix does not collaborate with the secret services and unlike other sites, Jiwix does not resell your email and personal data to the entire planet.

Why choose Jiwix?
  • Digital vault of professional quality.
  • A true unidirectional backup solution, more reliable than the dangerous solutions of automatic bidirectional synchronization.
  • Multi-resolution video streaming (240p, 360p, 720HD, 1080HD) up to 60 frames per second.
  • Thumbnails of your photos in 5 resolutions very high quality.
  • Streaming your audio files with exceptional sound (320 kbits).
  • Management of large files, up to 10 GB per file with micro-cut management during transfer.
  • Service made in France which guarantees you not to transmit your personal data to the American secret services.
  • Protection of your photos and videos in case of theft, fire, water damage ...
  • Protection of your privacy because Jiwix is a trusted site.
  • French company, whose Cloud is hosted in France.
  • Customer support reachable by phone or email.
  • No marketing of your email and personal data to the whole world.
  • No referencing your profile and your photos in the search engines.
  • Secure Storage and Transfer: 4096-bit RSA and 128-bit SSL encryption.
  • 24/7 access to your photos and videos (tablet, computer, smartphone).
  • Backup original files.
  • Compatible with AirPlay, TV, iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Mac, IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari.
  • Save several times the purchase of an expensive media center NAS that will not evolve.
  • Automatic update and seamless integration of new technological advances.
  • Independent Service from your Internet Service Provider: Keep your freedom to move.
  • Service independent of your telephone operator: keep your freedom to terminate.
  • Independent phone service (iOs or Android): keep your freedom to change brands.

Why Jiwix is a real backup solution?
Jiwix Cloud Media Center is a real backup solution because Jiwix offers a one-way backup solution to the Jiwix Cloud, and especially not an automatic bidirectional synchronization solution. Only unidirectional backup solutions, like Jiwix, are reliable for backing up their photos and videos.

Why automatic bidirectional synchronization solutions are dangerous?
Automatic bidirectional synchronization solutions are dangerous because an alteration of the content on your computer (virus, human error, synchronization bug) will automatically destroy your remote synchronized backup. Then when the other terminals sync, you will lose all your files on all your devices. Managing a 30 day history in the cloud will not change anything if you notice too late (most common).

About Jiwix
The website was launched in June 2008 by CityToo SAS, a share capital of 375.000 euros. The company is trusted third party on the Internet. Since its creation in 2004, the company is supported by the main French banks. The head office of the company is located in France. Jiwix is a service Made in France, hosted in France, run by French, belonging to a French company and whose shareholders are French.

For all the reasons that make Jiwix a unique solution on the market, choose us to save your photos and videos.


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